Friday In The Fast Lane 10-21-16

October 21, 2016

Welcome to the first ever edition of Friday In The Fast Lane! Friday’s are always tough days to get in workouts when you’re balancing work with family or social commitments. For that reason, I love fast and furious workouts on Friday.

Check in here every Friday for quick, but effective, workouts that’ll have you done in 30 minutes or less and off to happy hour!

EMOM (Every Minute On The Minute) training can be effective in a number of different ways and I am particularly fond of its ability to melt fat and rev up the metabolism. Using a timer, begin each exercise at the beginning of the minute and complete the prescribed number of repetitions. Once the repetitions are complete, you have the remainder of the minute to rest before you begin the next exercise. For example, if you complete the walk-out push-ups at the 40 second mark, you then have the remaining 20 seconds to rest before beginning the kettle bell swings. Here’s the workout:


Minute 1: Walk-out Push-ups x 10

Minute 2: Wall Balls x 15 (RX: 20 lb for men, 14 lb for women)

Minute 3: Russian Kettle bell Swings x 15 (RX: 50 lb for men, 30 lb for women)

Repeat this cycle 7 times for a total of 21 minutes. If you’re even further pressed for time, cut 2 cycles off for a total of 15 minutes.