Meet the Coach

Ryan Lang, Owner/Coach

Our Approach

At Thrive, we believe in delivering the highest quality client experience possible. That starts by limiting our coaching solutions to individuals or small groups (max 2). Each coaching session consists of three areas of focus: physical and mental preparation, active training, and physical and mental recovery. While our training is founded in functional movement, we employ multiple modalities in order to create unique programs that keep the mind stimulated and keep the body guessing.

Our Mission


An exceptional coach is an exceptional teacher. We don’t just tell, we teach the skills necessary to create lasting, impactful changes in the lives of our clients.


Have you ever wondered what you’re capable of? We live by the idea that a person is capable of even more than he or she believes. We drive our clients to transcend the limits of their current goals.


Just existing is no way to live. For many, that is the only life they will ever know. We are driven to bring love, energy and vitality into the lives of our clients and into the lives of those in our community.

What We Don’t Do

We don’t provide quick fixes and we don’t train clients that aren’t ready to commit to making lasting, impactful changes in their lives. Coaching is not one size fits all and our services are not meant for everyone.